Privacy policy

Personal data pertaining to the client (contact details, data concerning access to, and activity on, the platform) is processed by GILOPS GROUP SA, which has its registered office at Dossay 2, 4020 WANDRE, in accordance with the Belgian Law of 8 December 1992 concerning the protection of privacy when processing personal data:

  • for the purpose of customer management and the execution of market research;
  • for the purpose of executing the sales contract;
  • for the purpose of delivering/collecting goods;
  • for the purpose of issuing, recovering and verifying invoices;
  • for the purpose of storing invoices and making them available to the client;
  • for the purpose of issuing the necessary cards and badges for collecting goods;
  • for the purpose of maintaining a “dashboard”, which contains identifying information and operations performed by Dealers on the “…” electronic platform, by means of log-in credentials and a password;
  • for the purpose of performing awareness-raising or promotional activities pertaining to the services offered by GILOPS. The client must expressly consent to this activity by accepting these general usage conditions;

These processing activities have received the ID VT005064677 from the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.

By providing your personal data to the GILOPS GROUP, you are providing express consent to process this data for the purposes indicated above.

This data shall be used exclusively for the aforementioned purposes, unless the client expressly opposes this at a later date, in accordance with the purposes outlined in point (viii).

The personal data provided by the client is recorded in a file that is managed by the GILOPS GROUP. The GILOPS GROUP is also responsible for its processing. The Commission has assigned it the management ID HM003014560

The data shall be processed for the entire duration of the agreement and shall subsequently be stored until the GILOPS GROUP’s obligation to retain tax and accounting documents has expired.

The client’s data shall not be shared with third parties without prior consent.

The client may obtain a written account of the personal data pertaining to them free of charge, if the volume of the data is reasonable, by means of a signed and dated written request, which shall be addressed to the data processor and accompanied by proof of identification. Where applicable, they may also request the rectification of data which is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant.

The client may also exercise these rights by contacting the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.

The President of the Court of First Instance shall deal with any request pertaining to the right to obtain information, rectification or deletion of personal data, in cases where no reply has been received within 45 days of the request being made, or in cases where the request has been rejected.

If the client believes that their privacy is not being respected at any time, they may send a letter or email to the GILOPS GROUP ( The GILOPS GROUP shall make every effort to ascertain and correct the problem.

If the client wants further information, they may contact the Commission for the Protection of Privacy at the following address: Commission for the Protection of Privacy, Rue Haute, 139, 1000 Brussels (Phone: + 32 2 213 85 40 – Fax: + 32 2 213 85 65 – They may consult the public record pertaining to the automatic processing of personal data in this way.