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For years, the Gilops Group has established its expertise in the operation of service stations on a daily basis. Our reputation extends far beyond the province of Liège and we understand the sector and the people working within it. We can help both new and veteran independent service-station operators in a variety of ways.

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As an independent company that specialises in storing and distributing oil products, we deliver to independent service stations. We develop a smart purchasing policy on their behalf, which also integrates modern business management.

Buying the right amount at the right price makes a significant difference to your profitability!

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The Gilops Group offers you professional support that complies with your purchasing policy. Our prices can be accessed online, our super-fast internet platform facilitates your oil purchases, and our mobile app is incredibly efficient. You buy the right amount at the right time and ensure better margins.

We also provide storage for your products. You buy them at the best price and sell them later, which produces better profits. This makes a world of difference to your earnings before interest and taxes!

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